Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hello! Welcome to the 
adsr7  DETOUR 4
'blending challenge'
That's right, a blending challenge.
It can be as simple as you like it to be or as complex as you can make it.
I would love to see some vacation, travel, roadtrip pics but any theme will do
Only rule:
Your LO needs at least 2 photos with different levels of blending.
All the rest is up to you!

Here's an example:
Chunlin designs - Barefoot in bluejeans
These are the pics I used

And here's your prize, if you decide to accept the challenge:

A LINK WILL BE SEND TO YOU after deadline
Barefoot in bluejeans detour
2 papers and 8 elements
(some of them were used to make my LO)

Deadline : May 26th, 2012 - 12pm

Detours  are EXTRA challenges hosted by some of the designers at during the race. 
These detours do NOT count towards the grand prize.. You may do one challenge or all of them or none of them.
Your partner does not have to do the detours. These are just extra challenges for fun.
Since Detours are NOT official race challenges all layouts should be uploaded to our
Contests and Challenges Gallery
After you upload your layout in the gallery make sure you post your layout in the
Detour Thread
so I can keep track of who finished the challenge.
A comment here would be great too!
Thanks for your visit


Kim said...

This is perfect timing as I have gotten brave with the blending modes lately. Thank you for a fun challenge!

Unknown said...

Great challenge! Will put my thinking cap on.

One the freebie the prize for completing this, or is it to be used during the challenge?
If so, there is no download link!

chantal said...

Cathy, it's your prize for completing the challenge. I'll send out a link to download the 27th.

Wyked said...

Do using photo masks count as blending if we created the masks ourselves? Thanks for a great challenge!

chantal said...

The challenge is to use 2 different levels of blending. Maybe you can use masks and blend into your BG. Not sure this will work though.

scrapladyandmore said...

I use DIS2006...very old program but have figured out ways to blend with it. I applied a Designer's Edge (mask) to the large photo and then soften the edges slightly. Other photos I just used the soften edge feature and the transparency brush to blend a little more.

Just read above post...that's what I use a lot. Mask and then blend.

I think this program is so old it uses different terms. I didn't know what a mask was until I had digi-scrapped for a while. Finally figured out it was a mask. Blending modes would be, I guess, the transparency effects...even, gradual, and brush!

Love doing the challenge!

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